Position 2016
Lay Leaders Ken Denham
Lance Tracey
Annual Conference Delegate Watson Pryor
Alternate Conference Delegate Fran West
District At Large Delegate Bud West

Administrative Offices and Committees

Position 2016
Church Council, Chair Judy Ferreira
Membership Secretary Diane Nees
Financial Secretaries Audry Pomerening
Diane Nees
Treasurer Tom Loftus
Auditor Nancy Clingenpeel
Finance Chair Watson Pryor
At Large Members Jim Sohn
Connie Lorentzen
Nominations Chair Lydia Rodriguez-Colon
Nominations Class of 2016
Diane Nees – Co-Chair
Ken Denham
Corey Tullar
Class of 2017
Nancy Convery
Kim McGavitt
Trustees  Class of 2016
Lance Tracey
Angel Martinez
Class of 2017
Jody Taylor
Mark Holman
Class of 2018
Frank Tullar
William Convery
Bud West
United Methodist Women Nora Rudd
United Methodist Men Bud West
United Methodist Youth Leslie Alvarez
Chris Inlow
Certified Lay Minister Bud West
SPRC Class of 2017
Sallie Jackson-Chair
Class of 2016
Judy Ferreira
Linda Baublitz
Leslie Alvarez
Class of 2017
Michael Adams
Class of 2018
Ron Clingenpeel



“He must increase, and I must decrease.”

John 3:30

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Adult Bible Study

Wesley Choir

Stephen Ministry

United Methodist Women

United Methodist Men

Prayer Shawl Ministry