United Methodist Women

The slogan for United Methodist Women is Faith/Hope/Love in Action.  The Wesley United Methodist Women live up to that slogan.  The group encompasses all the ladies of Wesley Church.  Activities include the Thanksgiving Food Drive, the Christmas gift giving for UCM, the January cold weather needs collected for children in nearby elementary schools and making various kits—school, health, cleaning—to send to a national center which forwards them to places of need in the United States and worldwide, and leading the worship one Sunday each year.  The United Methodist Women also have a yearly fund raiser, The International Dinner and Silent Auction where funds are earned to enable the ladies to give to missions on the Route One Corridor and other worthy missions.  Funds also go for the upkeep of our church and most recently to the organ purchase.

The ladies have two circles that meet each month which also uphold the UMW slogan—Faith/Hope/Love in Action—a morning circle on the third Tuesday of each month at 10:00AM and an evening Trinity Circle which meets on the fourth Monday evening each month at 7:00PM.  We enjoy a time of fellowship, sharing and learning.  Both groups have Bible studies and others based on Christian living.  The women join with UMW members in Northern Virginia for programs and also enjoy fellowship by eating lunch or dinner at local restaurants.

So there are ample opportunities to participate with our dynamic ladies in continuing to live up to the UMW slogan—Faith/Hope/Love in Action.  You may call the church office (703-780-5019) for more information on current activities.