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A Ministry of Wesley United Methodist Church

Operations and Structure



            Wesley Preschool and Kindergarten was chartered by the Wesley United Methodist Church to serve the families of the local community, to provide a quality learning experience and to teach Christian values as a part of that experience.


Operations and Structure:

            Wesley United Methodist Church oversees the Preschool and Kindergarten, particularly the hiring of the Director and the policies of the school, via the Wesley Preschool Advisory Committee and the Staff Parish Relations Committee.

The Preschool Director is charged with the direct oversight of the school, hiring of teachers, enrollment, shaping of programs, curriculum, and classes, as well as the budget.

The preschool Director works with the Preschool Advisory Committee regarding policies of the school and an overview of the program.  The Preschool Advisory Committee is comprised of the Preschool Advisory Chair and the following church committee representatives: Trustees, Nurture and Member Care, Outreach, Finance, Staff Parish Relations, Administrative Council Chair, and the Pastor.  The Preschool Director is and ad hoc member.  The Preschool Staff under the direction of the Preschool Director executes policies and programs.  The Preschool Advisory Committee reports to the Administrative Council.



            As a parent of a student at Wesley Preschool and Kindergarten we desire your involvement in your child’s education.  Please contact your child’s teacher with changes in your household, or any concerns you might have.  The Director’s door is always open.  The Pastor of the church is generally in the office in the mornings and will happily meet with you.  In other words, the general order or structure is designed to have you meet with the teacher first, followed by the Director, then the Pastor.



It is the philosophy of Wesley Preschool and Kindergarten to develop in each child a positive self-image through encouraging each child’s innate creativity and expression of thoughts and feelings.  It is our goal to provide experiences for the children within a Christian environment.



  1. To provide a safe, stimulating, fun environment for every child.
  2. To encourage independence, consideration and responsibility.
  3. To provide parents with peace of mind.
  4. To provide quality Christian education in our community.


Sponsoring Organization: Wesley United Methodist Church of Alexandria.


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