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Cleaning is good for the SOLE!

We invite you to join us in cleaning out closets! Do you have an extra pair of shoes, gently worn, that you no longer wear or want? In underdeveloped countries, a pair of used shoes allows a poor child to attend school and allows an adult to get a job. A pair of shoes also promotes better health through a reduction in soil borne parasites
as well as infections from cuts. Your donation of good used shoes will make a BIG difference in the lives of the poor in Honduras, the second poorest country in the western hemisphere.

All types of good used shoes are very much needed… dress, casual, athletic, children’s, adults’, heels, sandals, etc. Men’s shoes are the most needed, especially work boots.

The main limit is size. We can only use up to size 11 for men and up to size 9 for women.

Shoes can be dropped off anytime 24/7 without notice in the Shoe Collection Box at Wesley UMC, 8412 Richmond Ave. in the semicircular driveway beside our fellowship hall.

No special packaging or sorting is needed; plastic trash bags are fine. Just be sure that only pairs are sent and that pairs go together in the same bag. Tying laces together is helpful but not necessary as long as pairs are together.

We collect shoes 12 months a year so whenever is good for you is good for us!

Learn more about this shoe ministry at

Thank you for your support and generosity!

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