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Wesley United Methodist Church

Credits & Information

Saturday, September 6, 2014 at 9:30am
A Get Together Brunch in the Fellowship Hall
to visit with former pastor Roy Miller, his wife
and other guests.

Sunday, September 7, 2014 at 10:00 am
Worship and Celebration in the Sanctuary
Lunch immediately following the service
in the Fellowship Hall.

Click for more information on the Brunch & Lunch

-Special Thanks -
Wesley is honored to have Reverend Roy Miller
as our guest minister, to share in our celebration!
Rev. Miller and his wife, Louise, currently reside
in Roanoke, Virginia.
Roy served at Wesley from 1991 to 1995.

Why Should We Celebrate?
Throughout the Bible, the Lord reminds people to
tell all generations of their Lord's wonderful works.
Part of what that means for us at Wesley is that we
must preserve the memory of how God has worked
in our lives. A church that has a strong
sense of its history will have a better sense of identity
to build on for the future.

"Celebrating a Church Built on Faith, Hope and Love"
1Corinthians 13:13

Following Worship service please
meet on the front lawn
for our group church photo.
We want everyone included!

Heartfelt Thanks to: …
the Anniversary Committee for their willingness and enthusiasm.
It was a great gathering of members that came together
solely to plan a celebration to joyfully praise God for His
blessings on Wesley and in our lives. We had lots of fun at
our meetings and yet accomplished our goal. Audry
Pomerening, Gayle Bessemer, Mary Pryor, Sallie Jackson,
Bill Convery, Jim Sohn, Nancy Convery, Watson Pryor,
Charles Anderson, Lou DeVaughn, Nora Rudd,
Judy Ferreira, Scott Moore…..

Pastor Lydia for her support and guidance.
Pastor Lydia's first worship service at Wesley was
June 29, 2014 and she attended our first planning meeting
on June 30, 2014. We thank her for her faith in us, not
knowing what to expect. It has been a delight working
with her. We are excited she has been assigned to Wesley
and look forward to many years with us.

And Thank You to: …
Katie Pryor for the design and printing of our invitations!
Almost 50 invitations were mailed to past ministers,
members and friends of Wesley!

Happy 60th Birthday Wesley and many more!
Judy Ferreira & Watson Pryor Co-chairman

Message from Pastor Lydia
Dear Beloved in Christ, It is a blessing to greet you on the occasion of our 60th Church Anniversary Celebration, reflecting the glory of God. We've come this far with faith, love, and hope. God has blessed our congregation in amazing ways for 60 years and will continue to do so. Our founding members planted those seeds of faith through which God is blessing us today.

This is my prayer:
"God bless those who planted and continue planting the seeds of good news and abundant life in Christ, and those who gave and give to every need, and those who served and serve with such care, to build Wesley UMC, a house of prayer and compassionate care. May all who come find salvation, healing and quality of life. May God's presence and his might gently guard this holy place, may all find joy and abundant grace."

                W orship
                E xalt our Loving God
                S erve
                L ove
                E mbrace
For 60    Years, Happy Anniversary Wesley UMC!

Blessed to be your Pastor,
Reverend Lydia E. Rodríguez Colón.