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Wesley United Methodist Church

"Memories…. Reflecting God's Glory!"

George Talbot ** ** Charter Member
George Talbot and his wife, Gertrude, became members of Wesley United Methodist Church in 1957, shortly after the completion of the new church. George had finished his military service with the U.S. Army, met and married Gertrude, moved to the Mount Vernon area of Fairfax County, Virginia, and had obtained employment with Mount Vernon Plantation when he and Gertrude began looking for a church to attend. George and Gertrude had visited a number of the local area churches but were not satisfied with them.

A co-worker learned of George's desire and advised George to attend Wesley and see what it offered. George attended several services in 1956 at Mount Vernon High School where the services were initially held. George learned that services had been held at Mount Vernon High School since 1954. The church members had a project of buying a brick/land. The cost was what you could afford to donate. After several visits, George and Gertrude both decided this church was what they were seeking. The church had a friendly atmosphere and the members were family oriented and very hospitality. Basically, the members drew George and Gertrude into the church. George commented that this family atmosphere continues even today. George's children, Doug and Lori, were baptized at Wesley UMC.

George recalls the first minister was Reverend Rev. George Henley. George commented that several pastors were his favorites: Pastor Roughton (retired Navy chaplain), Rev. Tongue, Rev. Godwin, Pastor Roy Miller, Pastor Teresa Smith and Pastor Janet Salbert. George commented that Pastor Miller and Pastor Smith would always visit his home and talk about things in the community. George recalls the youth singing for a number of years with an out of tune piano played by Lucille Koogle, the music director. The air conditioning and furnace units were always a problem within the church. The furnace was originally an oil burner which was converted to a gas burner in year 2000.

The church's grounds have always been one of the most positive attributes of the church. George has enjoyed the pot luck dinners, plays, and peach festival.

George was an usher with Earl Magill, serving both services for a long time, and about 1994, George became the church's primary caretaker on a part-time basis, a position he enjoyed.

Irene Bowman ** **Charter Member
I am writing on behalf of my mother, Irene Bowman, an original member of the church. "I do not remember a lot about the early days of the church, but I will try. George and Lucille Koogle were the family responsible for the beginning of the congregation.

It was in January, 1954 and we met in the auditorium of Mount Vernon High School. Our first Easter service we had more children than adults. Some of the early members I remember were, of course George Talbot, the Waddells, the Rossis, the MacPhersons, Lois and Jay Johnson and later Charles and Nancy Anderson. We moved into the new church in March, 1957. I remember a lot of ministers - Rev. Henley, Rev. East (married one of my daughters), Rev. Brook, Rev Roughton (married one of my daughters), Rev Tongue and of course the more recent ones. It was a very friendly church. Lois Johnson invited me to sit with them in the front of the church. Our circle used to prepare meals for the Rock Food Kitchen once a month. Betty Pannell and Dale Swartz were such good organizers of the volunteers. I used to volunteer in the nursery on Sunday mornings with the babies. The church has been very good to me."

Marjorie Ahrens

Audry Pomerening
The Pomerening family moved to the Mount Vernon area of Virginia in July of 1966. We visited Aldersgate, what is now Washington Farm and Wesley. Each of the pastors visited us - Ernie Roughton came and Beth Hopkins invited us to dinner even before our furniture arrived. We chose Wesley for the active youth group. Chuck and Dan were very involved with that and the scouts. We became close and lifelong friends to many of the parents. We have always lived a long ways from our family and Wesley has become our family. This family really came together when Chuck died in a mountain climbing accident when a senior at Rice University and when an arsonist burned our home. After Don retired, he spent the next 25-30 years maintaining the church grounds. Again the church family responded at his death. I don't know how people cope with every-day and dramatic challenges without a church family for support. I am certainly thankful to be a part of a caring church.

Jean Hayden
I came to Wesley in the late 60's when my husband Chuck was transferred to DC from Ohio working for United Airlines and I worked at the Pentagon. We were not Methodists but after our twins were born we decided we wanted a church closer to home and have been at Wesley ever since.

Sallie and Janko Jackson
Our family joined Wesley in 1976 when we bought our house in Wessynton and moved to Alexandria. We found friends of our kindergarten age son, Stephen, in Sunday School at Wesley. Stephen and Todd Harris became fast friends and still are.

Our daughter, Susan born in September of 1976, was christened by Rev. Tongue. She attended the Wesley Pre-school and loved Marjorie Doeppner. The active youth group was a very important reason for our membership at Wesley. Working with Pam Chase and the youth on the many shows, trips and activities in the fellowship hall was so much fun!

Stephen and his wife Caroline were married at Wesley May 25, 1996. We continue to worship at Wesley and are so glad to be in this church family.

Kim McGavitt
I first worshipped at Wesley in November, 2012. I had moved into the area in October 2011 and was going through a very difficult time in my personal life as well as my spiritual life - I was a widow and I just could not wrap my head around the fact that I was. I could not understand why it happened and why all the prayers were not enough to get God to change his mind and not call my husband home - after all Moses got God to change his mind several times, why couldn't my family do the same thing. From the moment I walked through the door I had this wonderful feeling of peace, acceptance and love. I felt I had walked through the door of my home church back in Speers, PA where everyone knew everyone and nobody was a stranger. I had been searching for a church here in the Alexandria area that gave me that feeling but I had just about given up finding it. I am so thankful that God lead me to Wesley and I continue to be blessed every day by being a part of this awesome church family. Blessings to everyone.

Donna and Clarke Slaymaker
I'm Donna Myers Slaymaker. My grandmother, Sue Hunt, was our matriarch that chose Wesley United Methodist as our church back in 1970's, my mom, Frances Myers joined at the same time. My grandmother, Sue, was very active in the circle meetings and crafts. She wanted us all to become part of her church as well, so my sister Mary and I were baptized by Rev Tongue. My sister was married at Wesley in 1981 and my husband Clarke and I were married there in 1989. Our daughter Betsy was baptized at Wesley, as well as my brother Bud Myers. We have wonderful connection with Wesley and congratulate the 60 years of hard work that has been put into the fellowship and family feel of the church.

Fran West
I grew up at Wesley, my family and I moved into the original parsonage in August of 1964. Our next door neighbors, the Beahms became fast friends along with the Fayes down the street who were also members of Wesley. In those day's Wesley had a tile floor and we had folding metal chairs in the sanctuary. What is now the Pastor's office was then the kitchen and we had chicken and spaghetti dinners all the time! I learned my Girl Scout knots on the trees in the then thick woods of the church back yard. At least they seemed thick to me. I remember my mother putting the pot roast in the oven when we left for church in the morning and then running home right after service because it was perfect timing. These are the memories that formed my early childhood at Wesley.

Janet and Earl Magill
We moved to Alexandria from Chicago in 1967. Wesley was the closest Church from our home and where Janet's brother Jerry & Odell Wareham were members. We liked that it was a small congregation, felt very welcome and transferred our membership. We were members for 41 years, until we moved to Ashburn, VA in 2008. Both our children, David & Marcia were baptized, went to the Preschool under the direction of Marge Doeppner and were in the Youth Group with Pam Chase. They both have very fond memories of their years growing up in the Wesley congregation and participating in a lot of the activities.

Earl and Janet served on many various committees, and Earl served as usher most of that time and Janet was in the choir. Earl was always helping George Talbot with repairs and maintenance problems at the Church as well as the Parsonage. We are proud to have had Wesley a part of our life and family and cherish all the wonderful friends we've made, and like to come back occasionally and visit.

Mary and Watson Pryor
We moved with our daughter Katie to the Mount Vernon area from Old Town Alexandria in January 1992. As we were getting acclimated to our new home and surroundings, two different families of across-the-street neighbors invited us to visit their respective local Methodist churches. Our first visit was to one of the larger UMC congregations in the area. While it was a wonderful church with impressive facilities and friendly people, it felt a bit too big and overwhelming. We then accepted the invitation of Dave and Nancy Restifo to attend a Sunday service at Wesley. We were immediately attracted to a beautiful and cozy sanctuary. The grounds surrounding the church buildings were almost park-like. The warm and friendly congregation members made us feel right at home from that very first visit. Not too long after our visit, we decided to officially join the Wesley family. In August of 1992, our youngest daughter Olivia was born and baptized at Wesley by Reverend Roy Miller. Aside from a three-year absence while we lived in London (1994-1997), Wesley has been "a place to call home" for our family.

Nora Rudd
Like many persons at Wesley, the Rudds came to the church through the preschool doors. We became aware of insightful preaching, joyful and inspiring music, teaching for children, teens, and adults, service projects to help with local and worldwide problems and a friendly and supportive fellowship. Our children grew up going to Sunday school, VBS, and UMYF. They had good experiences in musicals and plays, and went skiing, too. In our 44 years, Gene and I served on various committees and worked along with dedicated people striving to grow spiritually and to serve needs in our community. At some point, we realized Wesley had become our Home Church, and the friends there were Family. Thanks be to God.

Charles Anderson
Joined Wesley Fellowship-1973 Charles Anderson Family
@ March of '72, Army assignment into DC area
@ Family attended Fort Belvoir Chapel in 1972
@ Number two son became interested in Troop 993 in 1973

@ Charles became active in Troop 993 and worked with two great men, Whit Scully (Scoutmaster) and Chuck Hayden (Committee Chairman) my scouter task was to coordinate the monthly camping and select areas for the Troop that supported Troop objectives and growth opportunities. We never missed a campout as I recall. In those days we had Troop meetings on Thursday night because there was always coordination to be completed before leaving on Friday after school. We would schedule to arrive back Sunday evening. I was privileged to work closely with Whit, Chuck, some of the other parents and the scouts until the Army assigned me to Korea on a short tour in November 1976.

Chuck Hayden invited me and our family to attend Wesley, sometime in 1973 and later we joined the church, in 1974, me thinks. Donald and Audry Pomerening made visits to our home to also extend the welcome hand of fellowship.

As I recall, the Wesley UMM was active in those days and very helpful in bringing men to Christ and Christ to men. Also, W S Tongue was a working pastor in those years and was the chief cook for the men's monthly breakfast. Mr. Tongue died this year at about 95. He took his pastor's calling serious and worked his charge at Wesley for 10 years. (1971-1981)

Let us be thankful for the many people we remember that helped us and our growing families along life's path. An anniversary is a time to reflect and be thankful for our blessings.

Bud West
I have been a part of Wesley all my life. Most of my memories are the years of Pam Chase and Al Ford as youth directors. Being a part of the UMYF putting on "Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" is my fondest memory, next to the mission trip to Pascagoula, MS with Clair Travis and Tony Forstall.

Nancy and Bill Convery
Bill and I began attending Wesley UMC in the mid 1980's with our son's Andy and Matthew. Our third son, Jonathan, began attending in 1989. Rev. Godwin was the Pastor at the time we began attending. We were attracted to Wesley because of its warm, friendly, and family oriented atmosphere. As a family with young children, we found Wesley to be a welcoming and nurturing environment.

Our children grew up at Wesley UMC. They attended Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, and Wesley's Preschool. They participated in the life of the church: serving as Acolytes, members of the Children's Choir and its Youth Group, including multiple Mission Trips. Andy was also a member of the Children's Bell Choir and participated in several plays put on by Wesley. All three were baptized and confirmed at Wesley UMC. Andy is currently a member of Wesley's Bell Choir. The Boy Scouts, sponsored by Wesley UMM, have been an important part of our lives which culminated in Jonathan receiving the rank of Eagle Scout. Matthew and his wife, Lauren, were married by Rev. Tony Forstall in 2010. Andy and his wife, Yeliz, were married at Wesley by Rev. Janet Salbert in 2013.

We have enjoyed Wesley because of its members and staff, while watching our children grow at Wesley. Over the years, we have participated in the church's life: by teaching Sunday School, participating in Vacation Bible Schools, serving as a communion steward, as ushers, volunteering in the nursery, serving as a counter, serving on numerous committees and as a member of the United Methodist Women.

During good and bad times in our lives, Wesley's pastors and members have always been there for us, supporting and caring. We feel that Wesley is family.

Bill Convery
I have lived in the Mount Zephyr neighborhood since 1962. I remember an incident involving the church and Mother Nature. It occurred in 1964 when a bolt of lightning struck a telephone pole transformer near the church and careened into the church's steeple. The lightning bolt blew the steeple off the roof and into about thirty different pieces, landing in front of the brick stoop. The bolt then careened off the steeple and went directly across the street into a home (now torn down) throwing the kitchen stove out the back wall onto the back yard.

Nancy and Ron Clingenpeel
When we moved to Alexandria, in 1987, we had three main criteria for a church:

1. Nearby

2. United Methodist

3. Have an early service

At the time, Wesley met all of those criteria. Our plan was to attend a few churches and then make a decision about which church would be our church home. We never made it to any other church; we stayed at Wesley.

The congregation, especially the Hopkins and Lois in the office, made us feel welcome and wanted. When we joined the church, Ron and I transferred our memberships, but Geoff did not have a membership. Rev. Godwin worked with Geoff so that he could become a member.

We are still here, so I guess it was a good choice for us.

Rosemary Salak, Aaron, Jason, and Matthew
Wesley is where my children learned about community, Grace, and God, and where we embarked on our spiritual journey. Crop Walks, DC walks for the homeless, gleaning, Boy Scouts, plays, Vacation Bible School, peach festivals, youth group with Kevin Rowland and children's music with Rhonda Reeves, Easter egg hunts, caroling and meals for shut-in church members, ROCK kitchen, care packages for college kids, Meals on Wheels, transporting day old bakery goods from Safeway to the shelter, mission trips, hypothermia prevention at Rising Hope, international dinners, Sunday school classes, and so much more. Wesley is the "faith village" that was there for us consistently in both good times and during the difficult life altering events of our lives.

It was 1989 when the Army moved me from California to Fort Belvoir, Virginia… and I was thrilled to be moving near my dear friend, Monica Russell, who I had known since 1977. My children were young; Aaron-5 and Jason-2. Monica and I set out together to find a church that "felt right". Beth Hopkins welcomed us warmly at Wesley followed by the rest of the congregation. In 1991, my son, Matthew was born and the Army sent me to Kansas and to Europe. I returned to Virginia and Wesley in 1996, and we had some especially vibrant years with Pastor Teresa Smith when there was standing room only many Sundays. Other than everyone looking a bit older (and realizing that must mean I was older too!), the years and distance apart were of no consequence. It was as though we never left. I am so grateful for my extended family, Wesley United Methodist Church. God bless the faithful visionaries who took those first steps 60 years ago.

"We can do all things through Christ which strengthens us" Philippians 4:13

Jim Sohn
Marian moved to Alexandria in 1958 after a transfer from American Airlines in New York to Washington National Airport. I came to this area in 1959 from a little town in Arkansas and began work with the government. Marian & I met while we were both living at Hunting Towers in Alexandria. Both Marian and I attended the Washington Street Methodist church and were married there in 1961.

After returning from an assignment in Panama in 1969, Marian, our daughters Cheryl, Debbie and I became members of Wesley. The reason for transferring our membership from Washington Street to Wesley was we purchased a home in the Mt. Vernon area. Since our daughters were attending school in this area we felt it desirable to also have our church membership in the local area. We continued to be Wesley members after returning from an assignment in Europe.

There are many memories associated with Wesley over the years including happy times attending church as a family, baptisms, marriages, memorial service for Marian and sustained friendship with the Wesley congregation.

Lou DeVaughn
In August of 1980 the DeVaughn's: Lou, Karen, Jen, and Jim moved from New Jersey to Mount Vernon Manor, Alexandria, Virginia. After not finding a nearby Presbyterian church, we started attending Wesley. We liked the two services with Sunday school during the first service. The second Sunday that we attended Wesley, Lou recognized a familiar voice at the end of the service. The voice belonged to Jack Hopkins, who Lou had had many conversations with while he was working in New Jersey but had never met Jack face-to-face. We transferred our membership from the Mine Hill Presbyterian Church in New Jersey and join Wesley in December of 1980. Lou and Karen were financial secretaries for a number of years and Lou has been a counter for over 30 years. Karen was president of the women's group for a number of years, sang in the choir, was the treasurer for the youth group and helped with the Sunday school curriculum. Jen and Jim were both active in the youth group. Jen did the crafts for the Vacation Bible School for a number of years. When the Youth Group did Joseph and His Technicolor Dream Coat, Jim played Joseph and the production was videotaped.

Ben Robinson
Pat, Susan, Richard and I came to Wesley in the late 1960s. We attended Aldersgate for several years, met Gene Ball there and he told us about Wesley. I wrote several papers about the history of the church. Ben also held many horse shoe tournaments at Wesley.

Connie Lorentzen
I first visited Wesley because my daughter, Jen, was not satisfied with Mount Vernon UMC, where we'd attended for almost a decade; because the youth group was quite small. Jen had discovered several of her friends attended Wesley. So, she asked if we could visit… We came to visit one Sunday, and we're still here. She LOVED the Wesley youth group, led by Pam Chase, enjoying the plays; such as, Jesus Christ Super Star… and the beach and ski trips. Lou DeVaughn provided the time share for their ski trips. Pam Chase was a truly amazing Youth Leader. So it was that Wesley was a good fit for my daughter and my family.

It has been a blessing to be a member of Wesley; I've grown spiritually and made lifelong friends. In Adult Sunday School, back when Gene Ball usually taught the class … I enjoyed continued spiritual growth and renewal.

Over the years, I've served in various positions and participated in a number of missions; such as, teaching Sunday school classes, Nursery, Lector, and "Meals on Wheels" with Don Pomerening, and Vacation Bible School. When I was chair of the Wesley OutReach Committee, Wesley hosted 'Pancakes and Praise"; along with the District and Rising Hope. Committee members took turns hosting our guests; till they had a space of their own and no longer needed our facility and a good time was had worshiping the Lord. I recall fondly when, AA met in our Fellowship Hall, exercise classes met in the Fellowship Hall, Don Pomerening picked up sticks in the yard and took care of our trees, Beth Hopkins always warmly welcomed visitors, Jack Hopkins played harmonica and gave away tiny harmonicas, Dale Swartz, baked wonderful pies, cookies and she usually lead the program at UMW sessions with Lucille Koogle, Gene Rudd managed the sound systems with Gary Denick, Jim Sohn does that now and takes amazing photos too, George Talbot was always there with Art Ferreira and Bill Convery to fix broken things, and Lois Baines leading the choir. And of course, good fellowship at the UMW's International Dinners, where Gayle usually loses her voice; Peach Festivals, where we all had fun but were awfully hot and tired at the end of the day; we had a few Family Game Nights; and many Pot Luck Dinners, where we enjoyed each other and where there's always great food. Precious memories all....

For the last few years, I served as SPRC chair and appreciate the opportunity to serve Wesley with the leaders of the church. Wesley has renovated the sanctuary and purchased a new organ. I am grateful to those who sing in our Choirs, as for me music plays such a big part in worship. Wesley's new pastor, Pastor Lydia, has a beautiful singing voice and both she and her husband, Angel, are musically talented and enrich worship. In addition, I will forever remember and be grateful for the care and support Wesley provided my family when I broke my leg, and again a year later when I had back surgery to remove a tumor; which by the Grace of God was benign. I have so many more warm memories of years gone by and I continue to make new memories at Wesley; as Pastor Lydia and her husband Angel joins with us to serve the Lord. Onward, Wesley!

Rosemarie Ball
My husband, Gene Ball, known as the "candy-man" to all he older members, brought me to Wesley in 1985. We sat two rows behind the choir - big mistake! After the service, the choir director Lois Bayne, stopped me, next thing I found myself at rehearsal the next Wednesday night. Seventeen years of wonderful music directed by a great red-haired lady, it was so much fun! Every year some special perennials pop up in my backyard. Lily of the Valley from Dorothy Bugbee, Daylilies from Effie Meade, beautiful blue iris's from Iris Dickerson, foxgloves from Millie Yuhas and a yellow star-like flower from Lucille Koogle. How I miss all of them!

Dale Swartz
Harry and I joined Wesley United Methodist Church in August 1967. We visited churches in this community when we moved from Fort Belvoir. We received our warmest welcome from the members and the minister of this church. Rev. Roughton was the minister at that time and he came to visit us shortly after we attended. He arrived unexpectedly one evening while Harry was hitting golf balls in the yard. Rev Roughton was interested in golf and they became friends right away. He returned at other times for what he called "golf lessons".

Wesley Church soon became our church family. For 47 years the members of this church have brought the love of Christ to us in good times and rough times.

Harry and I always enjoyed doing things together. One of the first things we were asked to do was to serve as communion stewards. We didn't realize that we were signed up for a year. We prepared communion once a month for 12 months (someone else did the special services). At that time we were using glass cups. After each service we took the cups home in the trays to wash them. We had cups on dish towels on the table and counter tops to air dry and took them back to the church. Soon plastic cups were introduced and we continued to serve when we were asked.

Being a member of the United Methodist women has been very meaningful to me. The morning circle I belonged to did many community projects. One of lasting duration is the Route One Community Kitchen (ROCK). This project is feeding the homeless and less fortunate on the route one corridor. We took this on in 1999 and it is still on going in 2014. After our circle was too small to continue, other church members volunteered. A new morning circle was started several years ago which we hope will grow in number and service to the Lord.

When Harry died suddenly in 2012, this church surrounded me with love and caring. I wanted something lasting to give in his memory. I remembered how often he ushered. After so many years, the offering plates needed to be replaced. I used part of his memorial donations to purchase new ones. I think they are beautiful and will last for years to come.

I could write on and on about the people of Wesley Church, past and present, who have touched my life and helped me grow spiritually. I am thankful that I have been a part of the way this church has ministered to its congregation and the community.

Jane Barnes
My husband and I moved into the Mt. Vernon area in May 1955. We were both working for the Government and soon met our wonderful neighbors, Sally and Jim Paxton who have been our best friends ever since. Sally introduced me to Wesley United Methodist Church. Sally was a charter member of Wesley and became quite active in the church until their move in 1990 to Waterview, a little place about half hour south of Tappahanock, Va. Rev. East was the pastor at that time and I immediately felt right at home. As time went on we were blessed with three daughters and there were a lot of children in the church at that time, so I became a Sunday school teacher and taught the 2nd grade class for about 6 or 7 years. When it became clear that the children in that class were a lot smarter than I was, I moved on to other jobs in the church and have enjoyed the wonderful people and the on-going changes and improvements as the years flew by.

During the 70's , two of our daughters taught the Kindergarten Sunday School Class for a while when they were teenagers and I was hired to fill in as an Administrative Person after Gloria Thompson, our Educational Assistant, left and a replacement could be found. Cathy Coates was the Church Secretary at that time and Marge Doeppner was in charge of the preschool then. We also had two Seminary students with us at that time. Reverend Tongue was the minister and many changes were taking place in our church. I loved working at our church for that short period of time.

Now I am enjoying the Adult Sunday School Class, our Sunday morning worship service, the Trinity Circle, serving as an usher and helping in the Nursery. About 14 years ago, soon after my husband died of cancer, we had a small, wonderful, evening Bible Study/prayer group led by Lois Johnston, who we all loved and miss so much. She was the hostess for this group at her home, and this was an incredible support group. Gayle Besemer was a major part of that group, and that was during the time her husband was ill and dying with Parkinsons and she has been our wonderful, devoted and inspirational leader of Trinity Circle ever since that time. Wesley is "home" and I am very thankful for the many friends I have made during the 58years I have been a member here.

Jean Wilson
For many years I played in the bell choir at Wesley. Since practice was always in the evening, Bob was concerned about me going out alone, so I would take our big black lab, "Lizzie", with me. She would always come in and lay down under the bell tables and fall fast asleep! No matter how loud we were she was never disturbed. When we were finished I would wake her up and we would go home.

Judy and Art Ferreira
In 1971 we moved to Mt. Vernon from the city of Alexandria, at that time it seemed so far from everything. Art was working at Andrews AFB and I worked at the Pentagon. Eric was born in 1972 and in 1975 we were expecting our 2nd child, which turned out to be twins. Surprised! We had been attending a Presbyterian church in the area, but honestly getting two babies and a 3 year old ready for church wasn't always happening. One day Beth Hopkins knocked on our door and introduced herself as from Wesley and somehow she knew where we had been attending church and everything about us. When Luis and Matthew were three they attended Mrs. Doeppner's Preschool. They loved it and I loved it. Three hours on Tuesday and Thursday all to myself. The love and caring from Mrs. Doeppner was amazing. The same love is continued today by Darlene Spurlock, our current Preschool Director.

Rev Godwin was the minister when we joined Wesley. Through the years our sons served as acolytes, attended Sunday school, VBS and were involved in the youth group. All their friends were there, John and James Harris and we invited the Denicks. Many of the kids brought other friends from Mt. Vernon High School. It was the place to be thanks to Coleman Harris and Pam Chase. Art went on many youth ski trips and Lou DeVaughn taught him and many others to ski.

I taught Sunday school for many years and have served on almost every committee (except finance - thank the Lord for Audry). The lifelong friendships I have gained from Trinity Circle and the Tuesday Morning Circle is priceless. When Pastor Teresa Smith was here Art completed one of her 49 week Bible Studies, (still has questions for her) and has served on SPRC and trustees. He has made improvements on the church from the steeple to the preschool basement ceramic floor and everywhere in between. The first project Art was involved in was building the "fort or castle" in the playground that was drawn and designed by Hal Richardson. Many others helped replace the chain link fence around the playground with the existing wooden fence. The castle now has a new red roof thanks to Bill Convery. And of course, like many others such as George Talbot, Earl Magill, Jim Sohn, Don Pomerening, Chuck Hayden and Charles Anderson doing whatever was needed to repair, remodel and upgrade the beautiful facilities. Art always says you should treat the church like your home.

There are so many things to remember, Lucille Koogle's beautiful hats, Millie Yuhas' flowers, Lois Johnston's beautiful penmanship on the posters she made for UMW events, and Trinity Circle's attempt at making crafts (that glue gun was a challenge for us).

Many of our dearest and closest friends we have met through Wesley. The children's song about "This is the church, this is the steeple and here are all the people!" is truly what Wesley has been and continues to be for us.

Gayle Besemer
A Advent
B Blessed to be a member
C Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
D Devotions
E Easter Service and Pancake Breakfast
F Friendship
G Garden Committee
H Hymns
I International Dinner
J Jesus
K Kindness
L Lenten Bible Studies
M Morning Circle
N New members
O Organ music
P Prayer Shawl Ministry
Q Quiet times
R Rejoicing
S Silent Auction
T Trinity Circle
U Unity
V Vacation Bible School
W Worth, my husband, who insisted we go back to church in 1998. He died in 2005 of Parkinson's Disease. He was a wise man. He left me with the love and support of God and the Wesley Church family.

X Xtra care in times of need
Y Ya'll are invited to join us for the Peach Festival
Z From A--Z and everything in between. Wesley United Methodist Church has given me the peace that passes all understanding since Worth and I joined in 1999.

To Wesley United Methodist Church
From the Preschool Director,

Happy Sixtieth Birthday Wesley! You and I old girl are nearly the same age! You, like me have lots of time left to serve God and this wonderful community. I came to Wesley in September of 1997. I have been a part of our amazing Preschool Ministry for 17 years and counting. I love our Children. They are our future. They are AMAZING! The support of our members here at Wesley for the Preschool is incredible and it is felt by each and every one of our students and staff. I look forward to the next few decades! I will never be surprised at what "we," Our Church family can do. The preschool celebrates their 47th anniversary on July 31…and hang on we're just getting started!

God Bless you old girl. I love you.
In His name, Darlene Spurlock

In Remembrance…. On this 60th year Anniversary of Wesley United Methodist Church …. We remember our members who are no longer with us and we offer thanks unto God, for their work and fellowship with us. We bow in humble praise, because we have had the honor and privilege of working with each of them……

For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations. Psalms 100:5